Let go – what you need today

The mud and dirt that settles in the the lake, alters the lake without being visible. In the beginning we can see through it but later our vision is challenged by all the contamination. Our heart and soul is like the lake. Our constant influx of negativity obscures our vision, our goals , our positivity. In the beginning its possible to rationalise but sooner or later we become that polluted lake. But its never too late to accept that our house has been invaded by termites and its time to make things right.

Its time to Let go.

You don’t have to be attached to praise, appreciation or encouragement to do something in a grand way. You can start now, you can start today. Forgive and let go everything that is holding you back. Don’t be fashioned by the weather. You don’t need the permission of your circumstances to do something right .Let go of the things that make you small. So smile today without a care for tomorrow or the remembrance of yesterday.

Rise above comparison and competition and breathe the divine air. Don’t run so fast that you forget to notice things around you, that you forget breathing.

Have a wonderful life!

Aishwarya_ thesailor.

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