The Happiness Project: Day 1 The Happy Bird

Hi Readers,

As the autumn leaves are changing colours I have decided to blend with the changing seasons. In the rush of life we often neglect the beauty of life. We often ruminate about our lost battles, the betrayals and the sunsets. But we don’t have to. Everyday we have the opportunity to choose our life. That’s the miracle of living, we always have a choice. So don’t choose to be a victim of circumstances. Picture yourself as a happy bird. You are the happy bird today.

Day 1 : The Happy Bird

Today you are the happy bird. You have wings to choose your life, to fly to distant green pastures, you have the ability to surmount mountains. But most importantly you have a song. Close your eyes. Picture yourself as a bright bird. Spread your wings, take the flight, feel your freedom, feel the strong winds as you cross the mountains. Sing your song aloud. It doesn’t matter how it goes, its your song, its unique to you.

So go out, embrace the day. You maybe tiny but you have your songs and your bright wings. You are a happy bird today. Now get up, your worms are waiting for you happy bird!!!

Choose happiness.

Sing your songs!

Aishwarya _ the sailor



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