The Happiness Project : Day 2 Autumnistic

Dear Readers,

It is day 2 of the Happiness Project and today I feel Autumnistic!! I feel Autumn,  a time for letting go of everything that we had held close to our hearts and preparing for the new. Autumn , a time for transition.

Autumn and me

This year I’m Autumnistic in Shimla,  my hometown.  Autumn has a particular charm in the hills. You witness the random shower of pollen dust. The streets are carpeted by pollen. There are dahlias growing in the wild and the weather is optimum, neither too cold nor too warm. My house is surrounded by male conifers so I witness frequent pollen showers.

So today lets embrace autumn. We cannot cling to old leaves if we want new ones, new leaves, flowes, fruits and sunshine. Nothing can happen if we are not willing to let go the old us and embrace the change that the season has to offer. Take a piece of paper and write down your deepest hurts. Tear it to pieces and allow the autumn winds to take away the pain you were holding.

Be happy, be Autumnistic!!

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