The Happiness Project :Day 4 The Art of Eating

Dear Readers,

It is Day 4 of the Happiness Project and I’m glad that you are a part of it. I hope you all are ready for a brand new day!!

I hate milk so I often take curd to replenish my Calcium stores. Today when my mom was forcing me to drink a glass a milk, I suddenly realised that the cow or a buffalo must have created it with so much love. I felt the same love entering into my system and I felt really grateful. The mother’s love is purest of all!! Similarly all the plants and animals are nourished by mother earth, strengthened by the sun and all the love enters into our system everyday. Today when you take your meals, turn off the television and switch off the internet and appreciate the bites you take. Feel the love and the energy and vitality it creates. Many of the times we don’t even realise what we eat. We are just busy ruminating or brooding. Today chew properly, feel all the flavours and be happy!

Be grateful!!!

Eat with love!



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