The Happiness Project : Day 5 Learn to say ‘ I Love You’

It is Day 5 of the Happiness Project and I’m glad that you are a part of it. I hope you all are ready for a brand new day!!

When I was growing up I had a lot of issues about my body image. I thought I was too dark, fat with dull hair while my sister was extremely beautiful. Those were the teenage years when going to a nearby neighbourhood store to buy groceries gave me fright. I used to stay indoor with my books and drowned myself into study avoiding human contact. When guests used to come to our house, they had to come to my room to meet me. A friend once told me that I had brains but no beauty and it hurt like hell. I had accepted that this is how it. Then I read a book titled ‘Learning to love Myself’ and my world started changing. That book had a couple of exercises that helped in raising my self esteem. I will share them with you.

Exercise 1 : Learn to say I love myself

Eg. I love myself for hating myself!!, I love myself for crying, I love myself for quitting, I love myself for being fat, I love myself for walking slowly

You will feel a change in yourself

Exercise 2 If you have body image issues

Draw a cartoon of yourself. Colour the body parts that you don’t like with red, while the parts you love with green. Then for the red parts you will keep telling yourself ‘ I love my fat legs’ , ‘ I love my short height’ etc. etc.

Everyday when you walk, while you talk keep affirming that you love yourself.  This will create love and acceptance for the way you are.

Well these simple exercises worked for me. Don’t feel shy! Give it a shot!

Lots of love!



One thought on “The Happiness Project : Day 5 Learn to say ‘ I Love You’

  1. Every little girl has some experience of not being pretty enough.. Love this piece..acceptance of all and everything.. 😍


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