The Happiness Project : Day 11 Your Spoken Word

Dear Readers,

It is Day 11 of our Happiness Project and I’m glad that you are a part of it. Its time to get ready for a brand new day.

Its a new day, a new beginning, a birth of new consciousness. It becomes particularly  important to mind our thoughts and our spoken word. There is a Sufi saying,

Before you speak let your words pass through three gates 

Is it true? 

Is it necessary? 

Will it be kind?  

Gate 1 :  Is it true? 

We need to be honest. There is nothing noble in spicing things up and creating gossips. There is nothing noble in discussing things that you may have heard from somewhere. The blanks that we tend to fill up from our imperfect memory can often damage a person’s reputation forever. Thats what journalists do!! They fill in the blanks, create fake stories. It may create a  moment of glory but sometimes a lifetime of depression for the sufferer. Gossips spread like wildfire. Imagine yourself being a prey to such gossips. How hurtful it would be! How difficult it would be to defend yourself! Let’s make it a habit to be honest. Let’s not create our own conclusions or our version of the event. So if your words are true let’s pass through the next gate.

Gate 2 : Is it necessary? 

Very often we leave our heartfelt words unsaid, words of encouragement, words of love, a pat of hope. We end up speaking unnecessary stuff. Stuff that doesn’t serve any purpose. Its important to be selective in our speech, avoiding all the unnecessary chatter.

Gate 3 : Will it be kind? 

Some words are better left unsaid. The emotional wounds are more painful than physical hurt.Weigh your words before speaking. You often blurt out things in a fit of anger only to regret it later. The other person may forgive you but its very difficult to forget. Very often we end up hurting our loved ones by our ill temperament. Be kind in expressing your thoughts.

Let your speech pass through these three gates.

Make way for love! Be kind!!


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