If Colours could speak

What would happen if colours could speak? What would they say? What do you wish to hear?
Red will burst with energy, flowing through our veins, the colour of valour, the colour of new found love, the colour of life.
Black will take you through its mysterious staircases, take you into a world of mystique, so many secrets it shall share, the constant whispering through the night
White will speak of purity, of non judgement and acceptance.
Yellow will fill you with enthusiasm,  brightness and positivity.
Blue will arouse hope , the colour of ambition, the colour of victory,  the colour of the sky.
Pink – the colour of innocence, makes me remember little children ,their endless stories and laughter.
Orange is the colour of both the newborn and the setting sun, both victory and defeat bear the same colours, two sides of the same coin. Orange teaches us to be humble and stable. May you be humble in your victories and patient in your defeats.
Grey is the colour of wisdom, of maturity and understanding.
Green is the colour of nature, the colour of fertility, the colour of abundance, the colour of tranquility.

Each colour has a story to tell. Look at the colourful world around you. Feel happy, absorb all the colours.

What would Brown say , maybe he would say ‘The Da Vinci Code’,  no offence John Green!

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