Can you be your Zodiac?

Good morning!

I’m a Virgo sun, Sagittarius moon and Gemini ascendant!! I didn’t believe in this shit for a long time and then I started reading and listening to this nonsense. Having instilled so many books and articles in my mind I automatically started identifying with the stated qualities. If I was getting along well with some people I used to ask about their birthday to see if their zodiac was compatible with mine. I know there are so many people who read and believe in zodiac. But having a preset beliefs in your mind narrows your vision, makes you fixed. You eventually become a prisoner of zodiac. How can some stupid combinations define you?  You are influenced by your environment, by your experiences. You can be any person depending upon your upbringing and the environment.

Horoscope Matching 

I’m in love with my best friend  since these last three years. Its simply perfect. We have similar passions. We are two pieces of puzzle who fit perfectly into each other. But what about the zodiac?  We failed the zodiac compatibility. We got a score of 13.5/36. I had scored better scores with some of the dumb-asses I had dated.

The worst person that I have ever encountered was a room mate who was a Scorpio moon and cancer sun. Well I have Scorpio friends. But this species was entirely different. A pure bitch. Well I won’t speak much about her here as that would make me a bigger bitch! But what worried me about her zodiac was that it was similar to my partner’s. Then began the unnecessary questioning.

‘I hope you are not like her’.

My partner, ‘You have known me since these last three years!!! ‘

‘I know but you guys have similar zodiac and who knows deep down you are like that rotten person (my room mate) ‘

My partner, ‘ I’m not like her’

‘I know but still don’t become like her’.

Its so stupid, really stupid and funny.

So now I have decided not to believe in this shit. I’m Aishwarya Sharma and I’m not some zodiac combination. I can be anything and everything. We have infinite potential.

I’m sorry tarot, zodiac, numerology, I don’t give a shit. You guys cannot predict my day. Only I can.

Take care!!!

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