You cannot break me now

Even at my lowest I didn’t give up, Even at my lowest I continued to run. Do you think you can break me now ? I’m ready for another round. No matter how much you criticise or hate , I will be myself I shall not wait, Shall not wait for the sun to rise, … Continue reading You cannot break me now

Let go – what you need today

The mud and dirt that settles in the the lake, alters the lake without being visible. In the beginning we can see through it but later our vision is challenged by all the contamination. Our heart and soul is like the lake. Our constant influx of negativity obscures our vision, our goals , our positivity. … Continue reading Let go – what you need today

A Christmas Wish

Happiness is best felt when shared. Its not only important to express our love to the people who care for us but its also important to care for the people around us. People who may not be related to us by love or friendship but people with whom we share the same sky, the same … Continue reading A Christmas Wish


This post is for the people who keep lying to themselves(including me!). It is for the ones who are waiting for a miracle to happen. Let's get real and face the music. Life is not always pleasant and fair and you make it worse when you complain or blame or just sit idly feeling cast … Continue reading Wounds

You Shall be Redeemed….

Every tear that rolls down, Every tear that hits the ground, Say a prayer with every sound, You shall be redeemed You shall be redeemed. For whatever hurts your soul shall be released. These tears are your saviour , if you believe. There is a count in the heavens above, Your tears shall bring back … Continue reading You Shall be Redeemed….