The Broken Canvas : On Moving On

Don't paint flowers on a broken canvas, no matter how beautifully you colour, the picture shall always be imperfect.. The smiles of the flowers will be tainted by the scarred canvas.Don't try to mend broken relationships or reconcile broken friendships. Some flowers blossom in spring, some in autumn but they all have to pass through … Continue reading The Broken Canvas : On Moving On

The battle you don’t want to fight

I wake up and listen to the radio. I feel the existential crises. I have left my job. Never thought that living life could bring so much guilt while losing your soul in the name of gain is more acceptable in this world. I struggle to remember a thing for which I can be grateful … Continue reading The battle you don’t want to fight

Today I’m a Cat!!!

Today I have decided to be a cat. There are so many people who don't like cats. It doesn't matter to the cat. They don't care. They are happy in their territories. We often hurt the people who love us while we keep running after people who don't care that much. Be a cat,  say … Continue reading Today I’m a Cat!!!


To the songs we forgot to sing, to the conversations we could not make... Some flowers should have never blossomed,The memory of their fragrance makes your heart bleed.                                      They smile in the broad daylight ,      … Continue reading Dusk

Knock on the Door

A call to the departed. You've moved away but the memories are still alive. Pain feels beautiful when it wears the veil of memories, this one is for the ones who are never coming back.   I shall wait for the knock on the door. The lamp will be lit by the fire of longing. It will … Continue reading Knock on the Door