Deception is an art. It's like the ever changing face of the moon that dances slowly across the sky. The moon that has no light of its own outshines the stars. It's altering countenance entices us, creates mystery. It dances and deceives. Like the moon , the impact you create depends upon the face that … Continue reading Deception

One Day at a Time

One day at a time With gratitude and sunshine One day at a time Until your life rhymes One day at a time... Hug yourself for being alive today You are not choosing to be solemn and grey You are feeling the rhythm of your breaths Stretching your limbs in good health Opening your eyes … Continue reading One Day at a Time

People we trust

Sometimes we share our deepest vulnerabilities, our hatred, our secrets with someone, thinking of him/ her as our confidant. Does it not hurt when the same person becomes indifferent after knowing our truth? I may sound like a teenager. The prose version of Taylor Swift song. But it does hurt. Betrayals hurt at any stage. … Continue reading People we trust

The battle you don’t want to fight

I wake up and listen to the radio. I feel the existential crises. I have left my job. Never thought that living life could bring so much guilt while losing your soul in the name of gain is more acceptable in this world. I struggle to remember a thing for which I can be grateful … Continue reading The battle you don’t want to fight

Happy Shunday

It's a Shunday, its time to shun all the negativities. It's time to shun all the lies we keep telling to our ourselves. We keep telling ourselves that its too late, that we are not ready, we are not good enough, we need to wait. All these our lies. It's our life and the time … Continue reading Happy Shunday